Alarm Clock

alarm_clock During the Summer I’m either surfing or working on projects around our small garden/farm. Winter is upon us here in Boston and I’m ready to start attacking the long list of projects I’ve postponed for the ‘indoor months’.

However, I have hit the problem I face every Winter. I suffer from Season Affective Disorder which can result in a lack of energy in the dark Winter months. I have many ideas waiting to be made – but I’ve lacked a degree of motivation, until now that is.

Instructables to the rescue:
Eric’s dawn simulator put me on to the Soleil lamp: I purchased a Soleil on ebay and I’m very happy with the lamp, my boss is happy I’m turning up for work on time… but…

The problems with the current design…
Feature creep is defined as the proliferation of features in a product such as computer software. Extra features go beyond the basic function of the product and so can result in baroque over-complication rather than simple, elegant design.

I’m a designer and believe that design, in part, is the art of removing the non-essential such as a ‘Demo’ mode. This is an alarm clock folks… my microwave oven has fewer buttons. I continue this critique in step 2.

The other major aspect of design is the visual aesthetic. I’ve included an image comparing the Soleil with its twin sister Mrs. Dalek and its cousin Robbie the robot. Danger Will Robinson.. you’re about to be woken up by an eye sore.

Electronics devices do not have to be so drab
You don’t need a laundry list of expensive tools nor a degree in industrial design to remake manufactured products.

With this Instructable I hope to demonstrate how you can both construct a new home for almost any gadget and utilise a simple hand drill for any number of jobs; achieving some pretty nice results.

Even if you do not particularly like the final outcome of this project I hope it motivates you to take a second look at those generic plastic products that clutter our lives and re-make them in to objects that suite your needs and please your senses.

So, with superfluous functions and the looks of a Dalek from Dr. Who on the chopping block…. my first project of Winter ’09 is the Alarm Clock Retrofit.

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