Input Translation, Output Rotation

In essence I painted a more human readable picture on to an often neglected household object. Connection to the net is an important part of our lives, we’re a pure voip household yet live in a sub par dsl area. Its nice to know when the network is being hammered before making a call.
Fickr set

I’ve been a little surprised by the responses from the blogotubes
from: Slashgear

More and more devices are being equipped with screens and LCD displays, capable of squeezing dozens of pages of status logs, graphs of performance and plenty more to satisfy our “give me it all” attitude. Yet this simple 3-inch dial is a far easier way of seeing possibly one of the most important factors of a network – how hammered by traffic it currently is – and moreover you can check it at a glance.

from: Endgadget

this step back in time really puts the modern day approach to shame, as its wooden construction, curvaceous shape, and tasteful use of analog equipment would tempt even the neatest of neat freaks to keep this one outside of the networking closet.

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