No time to think as we may think.

Related to the idea on working through the resistance of our material I came across this Google Talk title ‘No Time To Think’

To summarise as best I can…

Information overload and the specialisation of professions are hurdles to making time for connecting with the material you’re working on, they do not allow for time for creative thought

“To devote to work and nothing but work.. (negates) receptive understanding, contemplative holding, and immersion in the real”

The presenter highlights the difference between discursive thought, of searching and re-searching, abstracting, refining and concluding against the more organic ’simply looking’ where the facts reveal themselves naturally.  The idea is presented of an Information environment crisis and the challenge presented of how we balance those two modes of thought. As I interpret this notion and how it applies to IxD… we need to make room in our mind’s professional environment for quiet thought, only then can we truly perform the full range of skills required at IxDs.

Our best thinking is a mixture of linear & free flowing creative thought.  Creative thought cant be rushed but it can be nurtured.  Creative thinking is a ’slow time’ activity, you have to be acceptive and available to allow those thoughts to present themselves.

Finally he briefly alludes to ‘contemplative design’, a type of participatory process based on the mindful state of the users.

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